Pay SSS Online – You’re Already a Member for Life

We do our best to have a plan for a rainy day. When you need to pay for your child’s dental care, fix your car, or take an unexpected trip. But what happens when it’s more than just one rainy day? What happens when you are on maternity leave (congratulations!), when you retire, or if god forbid you become disabled? Don’t worry, it seems that Filipinos think of everything!

Every Filipino knows they need to pay SSS (Social Security System) for these exact reasons – to prepare for more than just a rainy day. Luckily for you, tech entrepreneurs have thought of you and how to make the SSS payment online and hassle-free. So, if you ever ask yourself “How do I pay SSS online?” just know you’re covered, because we are about to tell you all about how to pay SSS from abroad, with a few simple screen taps.

Once a Member, Always a Member

Moving to a new country is quite an adventure. Alongside the amazing opportunities and the new life you are about to experience, there are also some financial issues to consider. You’ll probably need to pay taxes and relevant fees in your new home as well as in your home country. Plus, you’ll need to learn how to manage your finances in more than one country, that is, until you retire.

After spending your hard-working years in another country, you’ll be able to go back home, hang your uniform, and enjoy your free time with your loved ones. Continuously making SSS payments will ensure your monthly pension from the SSS and you’ll receive retirement funds from your insurance, which will help cover the basics such as utility bills, healthcare, and more. However, it is important to note that while the SSS provides financial aid, it is not a substitute for life insurance or any other type of insurance you may have.

SSS payments are important since they ensure you’ll be taken care of on happy occasions such as maternity leave or retirement, but also in cases of illness, disability, and even death (in that case, your beneficiaries will be taken care of).

For now, as you work towards a peaceful retirement, it’s important to keep paying SSS regardless of whether you are in the Philippines or living abroad as it can give you the much-needed peace of mind regarding your financial stability. Plus, with the SSS, once you’re a member, you’ll always be a member. So continuing SSS payments is not really a question. The only question is how?

So, How Do I Pay SSS Online?
We’re so glad you asked. Companies such as Rewire have developed unique services designed for international work migrants. Among other important financial services offered online such as remittance, an EU bank account, a debit card and much more, this brand now offers a unique service for its Filipino audience – SSS payments online, through its purple app.

Understanding the importance of the SSS payments, Rewire has partnered with Ventaja, a Philippine government authorized company, which will provide the needed infrastructure for this deposit. Other than this payment being extremely secure, it is also completed instantly, available 24/7 (it’s online, you can do it at 4 pm or at 4 am and it would have the same result), and it’s simpler than you think.

The way it works is that this service is only offered to users who the SSS payment can be relevant for. It can easily be found on the website or app once you log into your account. The SSS payments section is found in the menu bar and from that point on, it’s entering information and taping on the screen for less than 2 minutes.

Embarking on a new journey is exciting. You get to meet new people, new cultures – and you make a living while experiencing everything that your new life has to offer. While you’re experiencing and appreciating this amazing opportunity, remember to think long term and plan wisely. Plan for a rainy day, and plan for a storm.