3 Financial Solutions That Are Fit for These Turbulent Times

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the topic of finance makes plenty of headlines, but most focus on people’s monetary status and the governmental support they may or may not receive. In this article, we wish to look at this important issue from a new angle and discuss the banking services and technologies that will help you deal with the new and complex reality in a better, healthier way. 

Contactless Credit Cards

Research conducted by Shekel Scales shows that today’s shoppers prefer touchless solutions and 87% of them would choose shopping services that allow customers to avoid contact as much as possible. This is a wise choice during the pandemic, and it should include opting for contactless credit cards such as the free Rewire Mastercard. If you’re not sure how to use a contactless credit card, know that it requires a gentle tap or wave of the smart chip inside the card over a radar that instantly accepts the payment. Ordering it is just as easy and you can start using your card for a variety of financial activities as soon as it arrives and even before, using the card virtually to make online payments

Fast Money Transfer

Now more than ever, our needs shift and change in an instant. That’s why we need banking services that support them and allow us to support our loved ones, wherever they may be. Many of us first learned how to transfer money overseas because of the pandemic and will embrace advanced wiring solutions from now on. While some transfers may take a couple of hours and others might require a day or two to be completed, letting family members know that assistance is on the way means the world nowadays. 


It’s important to note that money transfer solutions are not only relevant to those with family relatives in distant countries and can also be used as a more sanitary payment method among locals. Rewire offers free local money transfers across Europe and enables you to leave your wallet at home. Thankfully, there are alternatives to bills and coins, which according to research exchange hands at least once a week, exposing us to serious risk when considering the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Online banking

Certain groups that are considered in high-risk of serious coronavirus illness should choose carefully which places to visit and when. Avoiding a trip to the bank and instead using the many online banking solutions that are available to customers is definitely the way to go. The same goes for people who are quarantined and cannot physically visit their bank at the moment. Being able to access almost any banking service with a single smartphone tap means that life doesn’t have to stop simply because our reality has changed. 


While Rewire never thought of the above scenarios when developing a wide range of banking services, being able to support customers’ financial needs is why it was created in the first place. It’s good to be able to do so even during the strangest of times.