Back to School: How to Send Money Abroad and Welcome the School Year

September marks the beginning of a new season and also the first day of school in many countries around the world. The beginning of a new school year is often exciting, sometimes a little scary and almost always expensive. As parents and kids get ready and shop for supplies, long-distance families feel an even bigger need to offer their support in every way, very much including financially. 

The new challenge of the new school year

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many world orders and forced students to switch to remote learning using video conferencing tools. While this flexible method works well for many, it also leaves a great deal of people out of the picture simply because they lack the required tech tools or live in low-connectivity areas. In the UK, more than 60% of school kids in disadvantaged areas don’t have computers and cannot participate in remote learning activities. We can safely and sadly assume that the statistics are even more alarming in developing regions around the world. This is where relatives who work abroad can turn things around, but for that, they must figure out how to send money abroad quickly and securely.  

How to send money abroad and save the (school) day

Nothing is more important than education. The gaps that are starting to form between students who come from families with multiple computers and a strong internet connection, and those who need to share their laptop and bandwidth will stick around long after the pandemic is over. 

Work immigrants who already devote much of their income to help relatives back home are looking for solutions that will allow them to answer their loved ones’ most burning needs. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a money transfer service:

    • Speed: If something’s missing, you don’t want your child to wait too long before they get it. A surprising school assignment that requires new equipment cannot wait more than a few days for funding, which means that you need a fast and efficient solution. 
  • Flexibility: Having to deal with too much bureaucracy, fill out lots of forms or even physically go to the bank will turn the money transfer process into a daunting and negative one. Not to mention, adds to the waiting time and overall investment.
  • Ease of use: Both online and offline services need to be user-friendly and comfortable. If anything goes wrong, you need proper support to help you out immediately. 
  • Security: The money you work hard to save should be treated with the utmost respect by any financial service you work with, which includes top security measures to make sure it reaches the right person while keeping your data safe. 

Thankfully, there are money transfer services who check all the boxes and more, enabling you to transfer money abroad and assist all family members, from school kids to elderly parents. It’s all about supporting you so that you can support your loved ones.