Far But Close: How to Transfer Money Overseas and Stay Connected

The life-changing move of relocating to another country is never easy. For work immigrants, the most challenging part has to be being so far away from loved ones and not being able to share life’s little moments together. Many immigrants make this huge sacrifice because they want to offer a better life to family members back home, which is why the first thing they focus on is getting a job and learning how to transfer money overseas. Despite the distance and change in time zone, long-distance families and friends search for new ways to stay connected as much as possible. Here are a few ideas worth considering.

Plan ahead and learn how to transfer money overseas quickly

As you probably know, it’s important to make sure to send money home around holidays, special events, birthdays, and other meaningful occasions. A speedy and flexible financial service is always important, but so is thinking in advance. It can be as simple as creating Google Calendar events on your smartphone to remind you of all these important dates and adding notifications a week before each one, prompting you to collect a paycheck and arrange for the money transfer will make life easier and save a lot of stress and frustration. Off course, that’s not always possible and life seems to get in the way of many plans, so make sure that you also use a trustworthy money transfer service that will offer a fast and secure solution to your urgent and unexpected needs. 

Celebrate the little things together

Just because you’re not physically there, doesn’t mean you can’t be present in every single moment that counts. Send a little something to congratulate close friends and family for an achievement or milestone they’ve reached, like school graduation, retirement, and more. Let them know you’re paying attention by mentioning specific needs they’ve told you about when transferring money. You can also save together for a cause and talk about all the great things you’ll do once you’ve reached that goal. Offer your attention and support because that’s what being there is all about.  

Let them know you’re doing well

Long-distance celebrations should also include your own achievements. Your family misses you and probably worries about you every single day, so let them know when things are going well and share your success in words and finance whenever you reach a milestone. The fruits of your hard labor should be translated to happy moments for you and them. It’s also important that you treat yourself every once in a while. You most definitely deserve it! 

Being away from the people we care about most is incredibly hard, but keeping an eye on the prize while staying in touch helps a lot. If you have more thoughts on how to stay connected to your long-distance friends and family members, we invite you to share them with our community and form new connections at the same time.