3 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in 2020

The holiday season is just around the corner and this year’s celebrations are going to be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. With most of Europe under lockdown, global travel restrictions, and general limitations literally everywhere in the world, those who celebrate Christmas will have to make do with online video chats and send money or presents to loved ones instead of gifting these personally.

As Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love, we decided to ask our community members about their plans for Christmas 2020 and how is this year going to be any different than previous years. The stories we got were phenomenal and rich with longing for faraway family members, sadness, but also filled with optimism and gratefulness for the existing wealth and health. 

So, we’ve decided to help out and give you some ideas on how to celebrate your Christmas 2020. Ready? Here we go.

Remote video dinner with family and friends

Last year, before social distancing was a thing, we traveled home for the holidays. We hugged our loved ones and spent what sometimes seemed to be too much family time with our relatives and friends (which will never again be taken for granted). 

This year, we’ll sit at the table, each one in our own home, turn on the camera on our computer or smartphone, and enjoy a family dinner through a video app. If we can adapt our day to day to video, Christmas dinner can be dynamic as well. 

You can even take your family traditions to the next level. For example, one of the stories we received is about how last Christmas, the entire family played games with their grandparents, which will not be possible this year as they cannot meet. With this in mind, they told us that their grandmother learned how to play Wordfeud on her iPad, so they plan on taking family games to the next level using technology.

Find your online Christmas market

One of the best places to visit before Christmas is without a doubt the local Christmas market which is usually filled with ornaments, food stalls, potential presents for loved ones, game booths, and generally fun activities. More than anything, Christmas markets are filled with that magical spirit, twinkly lights, the sweet smell of glühwein (warm and spicy red wine), and warmth. 

This year, the mere thought of a crowded market sparks pandemic fear so while these remain closed for now, there are alternative, online ways of enjoying the Christmas market experience. Plus, if you make glühwein at home, it’ll at least smell like a genuine Christmas market.   

Send Christmas presents ahead of time

The best part about giving a present is seeing and experiencing the joy of the one who receives the gift. This is especially hard when you want to gift the ones who are closest to you. 

But, as previously mentioned, if we can adapt our day to day to COVID-19 restrictions, Christmas can be dynamic as well. So, make sure to send your physical presents ahead of time, especially if you need to send them across the world. Another option is to send money home, and let your loved ones decide what type of present they want for themselves.


It’s not ideal, we know. But hopefully, with these examples of Christmas 2020 celebrations, you can find your own way of staying close to your loved ones and the great traditions you already nurtured throughout the years. 

Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year (no offense 2020, but good riddance).