Financial Support: The Best Overseas Money Transfer Solutions Also Offer the Best Support Services

We’re used to chasing the best option for everything. In the finance world, the definition of “best” comprises different elements that we may not initially consider. The best overseas money transfer solutions, for example, should be superior in many ways; they must offer the fastest transfer speed, the best exchange rates, the most user-friendly interface, and the most robust security. But their secret sauce has to be the level of customer support. Without it, some services may be decent, but they will never make it to the top. 

Excellent mobile support is a vital component of the best overseas money transfer solutions and includes these three factors: 

1. Availability

Your financial service provider may employ smart and friendly staff, but it is meaningless unless you’re actually able to reach them. If the bank’s business hours contradict your work schedule and the entire team is off over the weekend, this financial service provider should be removed from the best overseas money transfer solutions list. You want your online banking solution to be available seven days a week during long and flexible hours. It’s essential that they work with your schedule and not the other way around. 

2. Accessibility

We briefly mentioned the importance of a user-friendly interface because many online banking solutions offer such a complicated and frustrating experience to customers they end up scaring them away from using mobile finance solutions altogether. 

In addition to a friendly UX, online banking solutions should be available on various channels that may include WhatsApp, Messenger, a dedicated chat, Facebook communities, and more. If the virtual banking solution you choose to work with prides itself on being innovative, you have every right to expect that its communication channels include the latest and most popular messaging technologies. 

3. Understanding

If your online banking solution always makes the list of top financial service providers, but you just don’t feel like it gets you, trust your gut over any ranking and look for something else. Feeling understood and cared for is extremely important, especially if you’re a work migrant living in a foreign country. 

Your online bank should be familiar with your specific needs and understand what constitutes an emergency and how your problems can be solved. The ability to literally speak your language is a major plus, and representatives who can chat in your native tongue will be able to help you faster and better. We’re proud of the fact that 35% of Rewire employees are migrants themselves and our support team is diverse and multilingual. We want everyone to feel comfortable and communicate directly and fluently. 

As a migrant worker, you work hard to support others and deserve the best possible support for yourself. Choose financial service providers the same way you choose your friends; look for those who prove to be great listeners and understand where you’re coming from.