What Can You Buy for €0.99?

If you live in Europe, regardless of whether you are a migrant or not, €0.99 will not get you very far. With less than €1, you might be able to buy half a cup of a decent coffee, a one-way tram or bus ticket, a postage stamp, and perhaps allow you to rent a movie on Amazon. 

Indeed, living in Europe can be pricey. But while most items will cost you a decent amount of your salary, you’d be surprised to know that there are basic essentials that go for under €1. 

Food and groceries

Each country has its own local cuisine and the ingredients that form that particular menu. In France, for example, you’ll be able to find a fresh baguette for under €1, in Italy, you’ll be able to sip an Italian espresso, and in Spain, you’ll be able to eat fuet (dried sausage) for under €1. 

International money transfers

Do you regularly send money to your family back home? Then you already know that money transfer fees can get pretty high, way above €0.99. Thus, you’d probably be happy to know that Rewire now offers a €0.99 flat fee for international money transfers.

That’s right. A €0.99 flat fee for any amount you wish to send whether it’s €90 or €2,500 and regardless of whether you choose to make a wire transfer, cash pickup, or any other available money transfer method.  

Cleaning and sanitary products 

In Germany, you can purchase a dishwasher brush or soap, for less than €1. Generally in Europe, you can find hand sanitizer and face masks for less than €1, which is definitely considered a basic essential as we are in the midst of a global pandemic and protecting our health is without a doubt everyone’s top priority.   

Lifestyle and cosmetics 

Usually, cosmetics and lifestyle items would be the most expensive items on anyone’s list. But, there are still some ways to decorate yourself or your home with inexpensive items. For example, a pack of daffodils, which would bring color to any room, will cost you less than €1 in Germany. 

When it comes to decorating yourself, you can opt for a grocery-store-bought nail polish, which is way cheaper than the branded type you’d find in cosmetics stores. 

You’ll eventually find the right places to shop and the right items that go with your budget and standards. Nevertheless, remember that more expensive items are not necessarily the better option. Perhaps, they are cheaper than the alternative simply because the company behind them truly understands your needs.