Put the Fun in Funds: What Are Funds and Can You Transfer Funds Overseas?

The Beatles claimed that money can’t buy you, love. Pink Floyd advised to grab it with both hands and build a stash. But before you get your advice from great musicians, it’s important that you know what funds actually are. Do you agree?

Call it by its name: what are funds?

The foundation of the word fund is funding, which is actually related to the word foundation. The Latin word fundus means “the bottom of something” or “a piece of land.” When we use the word funds, we usually refer to a sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose. More generally, funds are cash set aside by individuals or companies, and even institutions and governments for future use. 

In the English language, “funds” is a common word with a lot of synonyms: goods, money, currency, finances, and earnings. These are just some of the words that English speakers use to describe funds. 

The use of one word or another to describe “funds” usually depends on the geographic location of the specific English-speaking person. In the UK for instance, there are plenty of words to describe “funds,” some are extremely informal. Words such as dosh, brass, and rhinos are British slang for funds. If you’re in the UK and you happen to talk to the queen or anyone with a formal position, you might want to use a more formal terminology such as capital, savings, assets, and wherewithal. 

What are funds called in English-speaking European countries and in other places like Australia? Glad you asked. There are many words to describe funds in the English language: silvers, budget, winnings, cash, and even ready-money. 

Have a nice trip: transfer funds overseas

If you are in a foreign country for work purposes, you are probably interested in ways to transfer funds overseas. No matter which of the words mentioned above is in use when you describe funds, you will need to find a way to send it overseas. The good news is that nowadays technology enables a variety of ways to transfer funds internationally.

To transfer funds online, you’ll need to create an account with a reliable money transfer service. Once you create an account, you’ll see the different options available for sending your funds. Sending funds can be done online to a bank account, cash pick up, or a digital wallet – depending on the country you are sending money to. 

Only you know which service suits you best. In these matters, we really hope you do not take advice from famous songs. Reading as much information as possible about the service you choose is actually a great idea. Now that your vocabulary contains so many new words to describe funds, it’s your time to move on to the next step and choose how to send yours online.