Social Distancing? Avoid Banks by Using Rewire

With varying rates of Covid spreading in different countries in Europe, many people are still wary of visiting highly-traffic public places, such as banks. While other types of essential services like grocery shops can deliver to your home without stepping foot in your door, some people still feel the need to visit their bank to complete basic transactions. But, in this day and age, is that really necessary? Let’s find out.

Online Bank Accounts: A Safer Alternative

Online bank accounts present a great opportunity to complete many of the same transactions you would make with a banker completely digitally. You can open a bank account, deposit cheques, transfer money between accounts, and send people money all online. Often, online accounts also come with mobile banking options so that you can complete all these transactions simply through your phone.

Advantages of Mobile Banking

There are many advantages of mobile banking and online banking. Of course, now that Covid-19 is a concern, maintaining social distancing and minimizing contact with others comes to mind immediately, but there are other reasons why you should consider using online banking.


  • Almost all services are available 24/7, unlike traditional in-person banks
  • Many mobile apps also offer financial insights so you can better understand your spending habits and learn how to save better
  • It’s more convenient to bank online since you can transfer funds and manage your money all from one place
  • You can set up notifications so that you’re alerted any time money goes in or out of your account or your card is used
  • Many mobile banking services offer live customer services, so you can often chat with an agent directly from a mobile banking app, saving you the time and hassle of going to a bank or calling one

Where Does Rewire Come In?

While not an online bank, Rewire allows you to manage your finances both abroad and at home through our online platform. With Rewire, you can make a global money transfer securely and with low fees completely online. Rewire also offers local money transfers throughout Europe as well as IBAN accounts for local payments. For your day-to-day spending needs, you can also request a debit card from Rewire to use for purchases and online shopping. Instead of going into a bank to apply for a debit or credit card, the application process with Rewire is done entirely online. Rewire also offers an app where you can manage and overview all your card spending and money transfers, making it simple to stay on top of your finances.

Final Word

While going to a physical bank still has its advantages, such as having more personal interactions with your banker, today, it’s a lot more common and accepted to do nearly all your banking online. Give yourself peace of mind and avoid non-essential bank visits so that you can save time and minimize your Covid exposure risk.