A Guide for Indian Migrants Moving to Spain

Moving to a new country in search of work and better opportunities? Relocating can be both exciting and scary, but being prepared for what to expect is a good way to get yourself grounded somewhere new. Rewire’s relocation guides are meant to help you with the essential information you’ll need to get started in a new country.

Spain: Quick Facts for Migrants from India

    • Population: 47 million
    • Capital: Madrid
    • Main language: Spanish
  • Emergency phone numbers: 112
  • Electricity: 230 volts, 50Hz
  • Currency: Euro
  • Euro to Indian Rupee: 1 Euro = ~85 INR
  • Embassy: Av. de Pío XII, 30, Madrid; https://www.eoimadrid.gov.in/

Searching for an Apartment in Spain

One of the best ways to find an apartment in Spain is to connect with other expats and migrants in your community to ask for suggestions or tips. Otherwise, it’s common to find apartments in Spain online, through an agent, or even listed in newspapers in classified sections. Be sure to have the necessary documents with you before you view an apartment, like a passport or official ID, references (you can try and use your employer in Spain or other migrants you may know as your references), proof of income or employment, your visa status, or anything else the landlord might ask for. When you’re ready to start going to see apartments, these are a few websites you can search on:

Another thing to take into consideration when apartment hunting is your budget. It’s important to research areas and apartments in advance that fit with your budget so that you don’t go overboard. Not sure how to begin balancing a budget abroad? Our budgeting for migrants series can teach you about what goes into a budget and how to create your own so that you can manage your finances while living in Spain.

Finding a Job in Spain

Many migrants prefer to stick to the bigger cities such as Madrid and Barcelona since it’s easier to find work in these places. Spain has a high rate of unemployment compared to other European countries, meaning landing a job can be more competitive. But, there are always more opportunities in bigger cities, making them a safer bet. You can also turn to your migrant community for suggestions on finding work, too. They might have some different insights on where to look or how to apply for jobs.


If you don’t find work through the expat or migrant community, there are plenty of websites that locals and migrants to Spain turn to to find work:

The Public Transit System in Spain

Spain is a relatively big country, so getting from one place to the other can seem daunting, but in reality, it’s not so difficult using public transportation there. Transiting between cities or even within the same one is made easy due to all the transportation options. There’s a national railway service, Renfe, with trains that go all over Spain as well as regional ones that help you navigate smaller areas. In cities, you’ll find buses and trams to get around as well as a metro system in Madrid. Of course, there are also coach buses for longer journeys between cities, which are often more affordable options to long-distance trains. 

How to Send Money to India From Spain

Online banking services for migrants is the way to go if you want to manage money while abroad. You can still go through a bank in person, but using digital services can help you save time and money and give you more power to make your own choices when managing money in two countries. If you can’t open a bank account in Spain due to local requirements, then there are online services that will allow you to open a Euro payment account (IBAN), which can be helpful when applying for apartments as well. Rewire offers this service as well as others that help Indians abroad with a number of financial services. You can transfer money to India, request a free prepaid debit card for day-to-day purchases, and even send money within Europe for free

There are many other tips for migrants looking to manage their money abroad. We’ve gathered some suggestions on managing your money in Spain for migrants to make the transition easier for you.

To Wrap Up

Spain can be a very welcoming country for migrants after they get settled in. Of course, moving abroad is hard for anyone, but if you do some advanced planning and research so that you know what to expect, it can be easier to adjust to the changes. Additionally, finding your expat community early on can really help you integrate into society and give you a reliable resource of people with experience to rely on during your relocation.