A Guide for Migrant from India Moving to The Netherlands

Moving to a new country in search of work and better opportunities? Relocating can be both exciting and scary, but being prepared for what to expect is a good way to get yourself grounded somewhere new. Rewire’s relocation guides are meant to help you with the essential information you’ll need to get started in a new country.

The Netherlands: Quick Facts for Migrants from India

    • Population: 59.5 million
    • Capital: Amsterdam
    • Main language: Dutch
  • Emergency phone numbers: 112

Finding an Apartment in The Netherlands

It’s common for landlords in The Netherlands to want to meet in person before renting, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to rent before arriving. That being said, you can always do your research beforehand to know what you’re getting into. For starters, make sure that you’ve created a budget so you have a range of rent prices to look at. If you’re unsure how to budget, our budgeting for migrants series can give you some pointers on how to get started. 

When you’re ready to begin the apartment search, ensure that you have the necessary documentation needed to sign a lease in Holland. Always bring a passport or official ID, payslips or proof of income, and your Dutch resident status to apartment viewings. Here are a few websites you can use to kick off your apartment search in The Netherlands:

Finding Work in The Netherlands

Luckily, English is widely spoken in The Netherlands, making it relatively easy for foreigners with a good grasp of English to find work. Still, improving your language skills by learning some Dutch can go a long way in your job search, especially in specific industries like the medical field or education where you’ll need to at least have a grasp on basic Dutch.

A good place to begin your job search is actually within the migrant community. Lookup Facebook groups to connect with other Indian migrants and ask for tips on where to find work (or housing) in your area. More experienced migrants who have already gone through the relocation process might have some deeper insight into what it’s like living in Europe. Otherwise, you can also browse these websites to find work as a migrant in The Netherlands:

Public Transportation in The Netherlands

Since The Netherlands is a relatively small country, getting around using public transit is quite easy. There’s one card, called the OV-chipkaart, that can be used on all public transportation systems throughout the country. There are coaches to go between cities, buses that operate in and between cities, as well as tram and metro systems in larger cities. Additionally, there’s a train system that connects cities throughout the country, offering a more efficient way to travel long distances. Make sure you tap your OV-chipkaart both when entering and exiting the public transit vehicle in order to avoid any fines or excess charges. 

Send Money to India from The Netherlands

After finding a job and getting settled, the part many migrants find most challenging is managing their money abroad while also juggling finances at home. Luckily, there are services available to help you do both. Rewire allows you to take care of finances at home and abroad by offering low-cost options to transfer money to India. There are many other services, such, a free prepaid debit card to make daily spending easier, as well as the ability to send money within Europe for free. You can also take advantage of the microloans service offered by Rewire so that you can send money home right away and then pay it back at a later date. This is a particularly useful financial tool if you’re just getting settled somewhere new and your finances aren’t stable yet.

Looking for more ways to manage your finances? Check out our top tips on how to manage your money for migrants in The Netherlands.

To Wrap Up

Moving can be stressful if you’re moving to a country you’ve never been to before and you’re leaving family back home in India. However, with some advanced planning and research, you’ll be better able to manage your expectations making for a smoother transition when you land in The Netherlands.