A Guide for Indian Migrants Moving to Italy

Moving to a new country in search of work and better opportunities? Relocating can be both exciting and scary, but being prepared for what to expect is a good way to get yourself grounded somewhere new. Rewire’s relocation guides are meant to help you with the essential information you’ll need to get started in a new country.

Italy: Quick Facts for Migrants from India

    • Population: 17 million
    • Capital: Rome
    • Main language: Italian
  • Emergency phone numbers: 113

Finding an Apartment in Italy

You don’t need to wait until you land in Italy to begin looking for an apartment. Begin your search while still in India to get a lay of the land and understand what cities and neighborhoods you might want to live in. Check out these websites to begin your search:

It’s important to know that in Italy, rental contracts are often for several years, so it’s not uncommon to get offered a contract for 4 years with the option to extend it even further. That being said, it’s still possible to find shorter contracts or even to ask for a shorter term. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always be looking for an apartment within your budget. If you’re not sure how to manage your budget abroad, check out our budgeting for migrants series to learn how to manage money while you’re abroad and create your own functional budget.  

Finding Work in Italy

Language skills can be a challenge when moving to a new country where your native language isn’t commonly spoken. Still, many migrants have been able to find work in Italy speaking only English, so depending on the field you plan on working in, it’s a possibility. Either way, in order to overcome the language barrier and have an easier time finding work, picking up some basic Italian isn’t a bad idea. When you’re ready to begin the process of searching for a job as a migrant, here are some websites to use to kick off your search.

Getting Around Italy

Learn how to use the public transit system early on, and you’ll find it a lot easier to navigate when you’re in a rush to interview for a job or see an apartment. Overall, transportation in Italy is pretty simple to use and offers tons of options. There are high-speed trains between cities as well as regional trains. Additionally, you can get between Italian or other European cities using coach buses like Megabus and Flixbus. And lastly, within each city, you’ll also find bus lines as well as metro lines in some of the bigger cities that can help you get around easily and cheaply.

Send Money to India from Italy

As a migrant, you’re probably concerned with sending money home to your loved ones. You’re probably also concerned about how you might manage your money abroad. Both of these concerns have a simple solution: Rewire. Rewire helps Indian migrants transfer money to India online with low fees and no hassle. You can also use Rewire for other financial matters, like opening a Euro payment account (IBAN) and getting a free prepaid debit card to make day-to-day spending simpler. There’s also an option to send money within Europe for free if you want to transfer to someone else in The EU.

Looking for other ways to manage your finances? We’ve got some helpful tips for migrants on managing their money in Italy.

Final Word

Moving to Italy, or any new country, can be stressful for migrants, but by doing some advanced planning and having a good idea of what to expect, the transition can be a lot easier. If you still find yourself stressed when you land, then indulging in a local pizza or pasta should help temporarily take the edge off!