Send Money Home, Help Save a Life

One of the toughest things about being a migrant abroad is not being able to be near your family when they need you. Whether it’s to celebrate milestones like birthdays, weddings, or births, or even to lend your support when going through hardships, being separate takes its toll. 

While technology has allowed us to video chat nearly any time at any place to partake in any milestone event, sometimes your family finds themselves in a situation where they need support in another way, like financial assistance. Luckily, there are ways to send money home quickly and securely so the last thing you need to worry about in an emergency is how to get funds to your loved ones.

International Money Transfers for an Emergency

Many migrants send money home at regular intervals to support their loved ones, so their families are used to receiving a specific sum around set dates. However, what happens when an unexpected situation or emergency comes up and your family needs the money immediately, even within minutes? Some reasons for this might include:

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes, typhoons, or floods could displace your family or have them seek immediate alternative accommodation
  • Medical emergencies that require immediate attention
  • A sudden illness that comes with a greater financial burden for medication, doctor’s visits, or missed work
  • Funeral arrangements for an unexpected death

Each of these situations is difficult enough to handle on its own but can be made even more difficult with the additional financial burden of covering unexpected costs. 

Luckily, there are online money transfer services that allow you to send money home quickly and safely. Rewire helps you with different options to transfer money home for any reason, whether it’s to send money to India for emergency medical services, to send money to The Philippines for help when a typhoon hits, or to send a transfer anywhere else when your family needs it most.

How to Financially Help Your Family Abroad

There are a few different ways you can financially help your family abroad when they’re going through an emergency. Each one offers a quick way to get money in the hands of your loved ones when they need it, simply in different ways.

  • Send an international money transfer online or through an app using your bank account or a credit card
  • If they live in the Philippines or Nigeria and have a reloadable Family Card, you can add money to the card instantly online and they can use the funds like an international family debit card to make purchases for items or services they need right away
  • Invest in a family protection coverage plan to ensure your family has access to assistance in case of a natural disaster or medical emergency (available only in the Philippines and Nigeria)
  • In the event that you need more money than you’re able to transfer or your family might have ongoing emergency expenses, consider looking into ways to secure a quick loan to cover the amount you need

Final Word

When it comes to emergencies, sometimes your loved ones need money in a matter of minutes, and your transfer back home can even help save a life. The best way to be prepared for an emergency is to know your options ahead of time and prepare for the worst-case scenario by getting a reloadable card before you really need it or protecting your family with extra coverage.