How to Cash Deposit Into Bank Accounts In Europe: A Roundup

Gone are the days when the only option to deposit cash was through a teller at a bank. Now, there are multiple options for cash deposits that don’t even require you to leave your home. Here, we’ll go over a few of the great options you can use for depositing cash to a bank account, including an exciting new option to instantly deposit money.

Online Wire Transfer

A tried-and-true way to deposit cash or send it abroad is to use an online wire transfer service. Online services can be a lot faster than a currency transfer bureau or even a bank, and still offer a quick, secure, and reliable way to send money between bank accounts. Some online wire transfer services offer lower fees as compared to offline banking services, making it a more affordable option, too.  

Prepaid Credit Card

Some online money management services, like Rewire, provide their customers with an option for a loadable credit card that can be used for day-to-day purchases. To use these prepaid cards, customers can deposit cash to it on their online accounts and then use those funds on the card wherever major credit cards are accepted. This makes for an easy way to either deposit cash to be used on a card through a physical loading point, through a wire transfer, or even another bank account.

Easy Cash Deposits? There’s an App for That

Aside from wire transfers or prepaid cards, there’s a new way to deposit cash that’s flexible and easy to use. To give you even more options when it comes to depositing cash in bank accounts in Europe, Rewire is partnering with Paysafecash to make digital payments even easier.

With Paysafecash, you can make purchases online using physical cash by going to a store to “deposit” your cash for a purchase you made digitally. First, when shopping online at one of Paysafecash’s partners, you can select Paysafecash as a payment method. You’ll then get a barcode which you can bring to a payment point near you and pay with your cash to complete the transaction. When it comes to online money transfers, you can use Paysafecash to deposit cash to your Rewire account that can then be used to shop online or send money home. 

As a tool to deposit cash into your account or to shop online, Paysafecash is another simple, quick, and safe way to get the money sitting in your wallet to your family or to be used for online purchases. There’s no need for an official bank account to access this tool as it can be done completely through Rewire, and transfers are done in a matter of minutes.

How Do You Cash Deposit?

Having cash on you is always helpful, but in our ever-evolving world where digital payments are more frequent than physical ones, having more options of how to deposit cash into a bank account, make a payment online, or send money home is becoming increasingly important. Whether you choose to stick with more traditional methods such as wire transfers, or you want to experiment with new technologies like Paysafecash, Rewire can help you both deposit your cash and manage your money all in one place.