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Fund emergencies with CreditClick and pay back in installments.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you suddenly need some emergency cash. Via your Rewire account you can now easily get the cash you need and pay it back later in installments!

Get Extra Money

Cash when you need it most.

In Your Rewire Account

Automatically deposited by CreditClick.

100% Online

No paperwork needed.

Quick Approval

Fast application review by CreditClick.

4 Steps to Pay in Installments

Open your Rewire account.

Go to “My account” and tap “Add money”.

Enter the amount you need (€250 to €1000).

Choose CreditClick as a deposit method and you will be re-directed to their site. 

Follow the instructions to create a CreditClick account.

Review of your credit application is easy and instant.

CreditClick handles all credits and the pay back process.

Once approved, you’ll see the amount in your Rewire account.

You can then send it home or use it with your Rewire Mastercard.

Pay back the amount to CreditClick in 6 to 48 months.

You can choose the duration during registration.


What is CreditClick?
CreditClick is a financial service provider licensed with its local financial institutions to offer consumer credit. It is a new payment method that enables instant and real time online credit.

Who can use CreditClick?
Credits are currently available for Rewire customers with a Dutch bank account and are handled by CreditClick.

How much money can I load with CreditClick?
When loading your Rewire account, you can use CreditClick to fund any amount between €250 and €1000 and choose to pay it back in 6 to 48 months.

How long does it take to apply for CreditClick?
Review of your credit application is often instant. Once approved, the amount will be added to your Rewire account immediately, so you can send it home or use it with your Rewire debit card.

Want to know more?
Find everything you need to know on CreditClick’s website or contact CreditClick support at +31 20 299 81 64.

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