Discover Rewire’s NEW Family Card

Give your family a debit card you can top up. Instant use, zero fees.

Forget everything you know about international money transfers.

Rewire’s family card is an international debit card used by your family back home and managed by you, directly from your Rewire account. The money you add to the Family Card is instantly available to your family, who can make purchases, payments, ATM withdrawals, and more.
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A new way to send money overseas.

Top up the card any time you like and make money available to your family in seconds.

Instant use

The money you add to the Family Card is instantly available to your family

3 months for free

Cut your money transfer costs with Rewire’s Family Card - after 3 months, you’ll pay €2.99 per month


All card expenses are fully transparent to you in your Rewire app

Best market rates

Automatically calculated according to the market rates on the day of usage, which guarantees fair exchange rates

How does it work?

Step #1

Log into your Rewire account and order a Family Card for free

Step #2

Receive the card and send it to your family back home

Step #3

Only when your family receives the card - activate it! And start your 3 months of free usage

Step #4

Add money to the Family Card any time you want, directly from your account

Step #4

Add money to the Family Card any time you want, directly from your account

Questions and Answers

The Family Card will be delivered to your European address. Once you receive it, you can immediately send it to your family back home. 

Important note: DO NOT activate or load the Family Card before you verify that your family received it and are ready to use it.

Ordering a Rewire Family Card is fee-free and the first 3 months are completely free. After 3 months, the Family Card will be priced at €2.99 per month.
There are no additional transaction fees. However, there might be local fees that are not under Rewire’s responsibility such as ATM fees, for example.

The exchange rate is calculated by Mastercard at the given moment in which the card is being used. Thus, preserving the value of your money and preventing devaluation.
There are no additional costs on Rewire’s side. Thus, the exchange rate is the best possible rate for that day as calculated by Mastercard.

Yes. The Family Card balance is completely separate from your personal Rewire balance. 

The way it works is that you add money to your Rewire account at first. Then, from your Rewire account, you allocate funds to the Family Card, for your family to use. 

You choose the amount added to the Family Card. For example, you can deposit your entire salary to your Rewire account, but only add some of it to the Family Card.

Your family member’s name that you are filling out on the order form.

Currently, you can only order one Family Card, which is listed under your name.

Unfortunately, no. The Rewire Family Card can only be used in Nigeria or in the Philippines.

The Rewire Family Card is an international debit Mastercard.

You can view the Family Card expenses directly in your Rewire app. Moreover, you’ll get a text message (SMS) every time the card is being used with information about the purchase and the remaining balance.

Generally, no. In case you need to retrieve your funds to your personal Rewire balance, contact Rewire’s customer support, who will be more than happy to assist you.

The first thing you need to do is contact Rewire’s customer support and ask to cancel your Family Card. 

You can contact supports via email at [email protected] or on Viber/WhatsApp at +491(578) 777-1846

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