5 of the Best International Money Transfer Apps

Transferring money abroad isn’t always simple, but with new technology and emerging apps, it’s becoming a lot easier to send money abroad through your phone. Take a look at our top picks for the best apps to send money internationally.



  • Designated social medial communities, community managers, and networks available for customers to consult
  • Tons of educational tools geared towards migrants to help guide their decisions


  • Fewer countries supported

Rewire makes it easy to transfer funds internationally in a number of ways. While some other apps only do remittance transfers, with Rewire, you can also get help with other financial services, such as credit cards, microloans, IBAN, and more. The fee itself for international transfers is set as low as 1% or €0.99 depending on the market, making it a cost-efficient option. Not only that, but Rewire’s support team is available 7 days a week on multiple channels making this service extremely customer-centric and ideal for migrants who are looking to manage their money in multiple countries.



  • Handy calculator to see total fees
  • Good user ratings on Apple App Store and Google Play Store


  • Limitations on how much you can send depending on currency and country

Wise is great for personal and business international transfers. You can send money in dozens of different currencies to 80 different countries. The fees with wise are fairly competitive, with transfer fees between 0.5-1% per transaction. There’s also a handy calculator on the app where you can see how much your transfer in your chosen currency would cost in total and how much would arrive to your recipient.



  • No minimum amount for a transfer
  • Low fees and no hidden rates


  • Customer support hours are limited

With Azimo, you can send an international transfer to over 80 countries. Azimo boasts a 24/7 transfer service, with no blackout time over weekends in addition to your first two transfers completely free of charge. The app gives you currency alerts when there’s a good rate, in-app phone support, and you can store your card details for quicker transfers on the go. The fees for a transfer are usually low and the total amount depends on where you’re sending your money to and from and whether you’re transferring via an online bank transfer or by credit card.



  • Familiar and trustworthy international brand
  • Secure and quick to use


  • High transfer fees

As a highly recognized company globally, PayPal has an advantage of its name when it comes to transfers. While it is simple enough to make an international transfer on the PayPal app, the major drawback here is the hefty fees. The fees vary widely depending on which currency you’re using, which country you’re sending the money to and from, and whether you’re using an international credit card. Still, PayPal’s fees come out higher than other apps, but some people still choose it for the peace of mind of using a well-known brand.



  • Express transfer service for when you need to send money right away
  • Modern and straightforward app that’s easy to use


  • Slightly lower than average exchange rates

Transfer money to over 100 countries with the Remitly app. Instead of a percentage, Remitly offers a flat fee rate depending on which country you’re transferring to, the amount you’re sending, and how quickly you want to send it. If you need to send money ASAP, Remitly offers an express service, which costs more, since you’re paying via a credit card cash in advance. The advantage is that the money gets to your recipient quicker. Otherwise, the economy transfer speed offers no fees on amounts of $1,000 USD in certain countries, making this a great budget-friendly choice.

How to Choose Which App to Use?

Most of the best apps for international money transfers are free to download before you make any transfers, so you can find the one you feel comfortable using. Try contacting customer support through the app to see how easy and quick it is to get in touch with them, and check out if the app has all the features you’d need.