Comparing International Money Transfer Websites

There are plenty of websites out there that allow you to transfer money online, but not all of them are cost-effective or can move your money quickly. Here, we’ll look at a few money transfer websites and compare them to see which ones are worth your while.


  • Rates: as low as 1% or €0.99, depending on the market per transfer
  • Countries served: 13
  • Currencies: 10+
  • Customer support: 7 days a week on phone, live chat, social media, messaging

What makes Rewire stand out from the crowd is the wide variety of services it offers through its website aside from just international money transfers. These services are specifically helpful for migrants who find they need to manage their money in more than one country. Rewire offers a range of financial products aimed specifically at migrants, such as credit cards, IBAN, microloans, and social security payments (currently only in The Philippines). You’ll also find a selection of educational material on the Rewire website, such as blogs, a help center with FAQs, and several online communities where you can get in touch with community managers for guidance, making Rewire feel like more of a personalized service rather than a big company.


  • Rates: 0.1-2.25% per transfer plus a fee dependant on different factors
  • Countries served: 200
  • Currencies: 60+
  • Customer support: Available Monday-Friday by phone, social media, contact us form

Azimo offers quick money transfers to many different countries around the world. Making a transfer online through its website is easy and can be paid for either by an online bank transfer or credit card. While Azimo does offer low fees, they vary based on the currency you’re using, where you’re transferring to and from, and the method of payment you’re using. Aside from serving customers for personal transfers, small businesses can also use Azimo for international money transfers.


  • Rates: 0.5-1% per transfer + a flat fee based on different factors
  • Countries served: 80
  • Currencies: 40+
  • Customer support: by phone during office hours or by email

Wise, which used to be known as TransferWise, offers a mid-market currency exchange fee, making this a cheaper option than big banks but still not the cheapest when it comes to money transfer websites. While the initial fees are pretty low if you want to do a standard bank to a bank transfer, once you need other options, like using a business credit card as payment or sending a transfer with SWIFT, the fees can start to add up.


  • Rates: varies
  • Countries served: 200+
  • Currencies: 100+
  • Customer support: 24/7 support on phone, live chat, community boards, messaging

Since PayPal charges hefty fees and high exchange rate margins for all international transfers, it’s not always ideal to choose this service. However, some people prefer it for the peace of mind of transferring their money through a globally recognized service. If you know your recipient also has a PayPal account, it can be simple and quick to send a transfer to them instead of involving other third-party companies.

Western Union

  • Rates: varies
  • Countries served: 200+
  • Currencies: 60+
  • Customer support: 7 days a week on phone, email, online dispute resolution form

Western Union is another recognized name when it comes to international money transfers. You can send money online to nearly any country through the Western Union website. Fees vary drastically depending on where you’re transferring to, how you’re paying, and the amount of your transfer. Sometimes, the rates are noted as a set fee, and other times it’s by percentage. Still, transfers with Western Union are quick, secure, and reliable.

Which Website Should You Choose?

If you’re still not sure which website to go with after reading these international money transfer comparisons, start by visiting each site and testing it out. Is it easy to use? Did you find the answers you were looking for? 

Ultimately, the website you choose to go with is the one that offers the most custom assistance at the best rate and that’s easiest to use so that you don’t need to worry about where your money is going.