Deposit cash and send it home

Let’s start

New! Now you can
cash into your
Rewire account

Deposit at any Paypoint
branch and use it
for online payments.

All you need
is cash

No need for a credit card or bank account to handle finances

All in one app

Deposit cash and send it home with your Rewire account

Close to you

More than 32,000 cash deposit points across UK

Instant availability

Add cash to your Rewire account in less than 5 minutes

How does
it work

Login or open
a free account
Choose 'Cash at Paypoint'
as a deposit
Go to the closest
deposit point
near you
That's it!
Send the money home!
See step-by-step guide

Managing money
with Rewire just
got easier

You can now add money to your Rewire account
anyway you want – cash, credit card, or wire transfer.

Cash deposit at one of
Paypoint deposit points
Instant Credit/Debit
Card transfer
Bank Transfer to a Rewire
payment account (IBAN)
Transfer from your Bank
(SEPA transfer)


What is a cash deposit service?

A service that offers you more than 32,000 deposit points, in which you can add money to your Rewire account and use it immediately for money transfers or online payments.

Can I deposit cash without a bank account or credit card?

Yes. All you need is to login to your Rewire account or open an account for free.

How can I find the closest deposit point?

Check out the deposit points map. You can find it below the barcode you created in your Rewire app. There are more than 32,000 cash deposit points across the UK.

What is a deposit point?

Cash deposits can be made at stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

Is there a minimum or maximum deposit amount?

Yes. There is a minimum deposit amount of £20. The Maximum deposit amount is £486. The limit is for one day.